What is AdShufflr?

AdShufflr is a cross-promotion network empowering developers to promote their apps for free

Already monetizing my app, Why AdShufflr?

Most of the times fill rates are not 100%. There comes AdShufflr, allowing you to freely promote your app.

What is the exchange ratio?

10:9. For every 10 ads shown in your app, 9 ads of your app will be shown in other’s app.

How AdShufflr work?

Your app promotion starts, as soon as you include our SDK in your app. You server other’s, other’s serve you. Philosophy of current time

What ad size are supported?

AdShufflr works hand in hand with Microsoft Advertising SDK, hence sizes are as also in accordance

  1. 250x250
  2. 728x90
  3. 300x600
  4. 300x250
  5. 160x600

Does AdShufflr work in CPI mode?

This feature in still in beta phase. We can roll out this feature to you.

Some successful cases?

Featured apps using our platform are listed on our website.

Integrated SDK in my app, but not seeing impressions under analytics?

Ad impressions are counted after app is published on store. Ad’s rendered during development are not counted.